What if…?

When was the last time you wondered “What if…?” For science education experts Deb Wolf and Chad Ronish, asking “What if…?” is part of their job each day. Experience weird science demonstrations during this live event for curious minds of all ages! 

The Dark between the Stars with Hugh Lippincott

What can the stars tell us about the universe’s missing matter? Why do researchers who study dark matter build their experiments as far from the stars as possible? 

Join Hugh Lippincott, spokesperson for the LUX-ZEPLIN dark matter experiment, as he discusses the hints stars give, the difficulty of completing a rare event search and how the LZ dark matter detector will break records as it takes data this year. 


Star Knowledge with Mike Lammers

Stars tell us a lot about the vast universe we live in. But they can also help us track the seasons, navigate across distances and mark personal events in our lives.