Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Want to put your wit to the test?

The Virtual Scavenger Hunt is a perfect opportunity to investigate these matter mysteries throughout the week. Each day will have its own downloadable worksheet that will challenge science investigators like you to explore answers to the mysteries of the universe... or at least the answers to the worksheets. 

Do I have to be a science wiz? 

Everyone is welcome to participate in the virtual scavenger hunt, regardless of background knowledge. The worksheets are designed to offer as much or as little help finding the answers as you need. If you don't already know the answer, each worksheet includes a link that you can use to seek out the answer to our puzzling clues. 

How do I participate?

Start by downloading the worksheet for the corresponding day of the week—we recommend going in order and completing them one day at a time, as each worksheet has a theme that relates to the mysteries covered that day. Once you have downloaded the worksheet, you can print it out, follow along on a separate piece of paper or open it in a software—such as Adobe Acrobat—that will allow you to fill in your answers.

Then, start investigating! Use your brainpower, the link or both to find the answers to our clues. 

What is the Sponsor Clue of the Day and how do I find it? 

The Sponsor Clue of the Day is used to highlight our universal, intergalactic and solar system sponsors, as well as put your investigation skills to the test. Once you have completed clues #1-5, you will have everything you need to find the Sponsor Clue of the Day. Take the first two letters or numbers from each of your answers and, in order, combine them and paste them behind the backslash at

(Hint: do not include periods or slashes in your URL) 

For example,

answers: neutrino, Big Bang, supernova, 10 million and Pb; URL:

Once you have entered the correct URL, you will have unlocked the Sponsor Clue of the Day and will be redirected to a secret link on our Neutrino Day Hub.