A Matter Mystery: Dark Matter

Everything on Earth, and all of the planets, stars and intergalactic gases make up just a fraction—about 5 percent—of all the matter in the universe. So, where’s the rest? Dark energy makes up about 68 percent of the universe; the remaining 27 percent is dark matter. We call it dark matter simply because we don't know what it is and we can't see or touch it. 

In this science talk, Brian Malow and dark matter physicist Simon Fiorucci will discuss the global search for dark matter. 



Simon Fiorucci
Simon Fiorucci
Physicist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Dr. Simon Fiorucci has worked in the field of Dark Matter direct detection since 2002. He is currently a physicist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Operations Manager for the LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) experiment at Sanford Lab.