S is for Science—A science resource guide

Starbase of South Dakota offers a compilation of science activities families can do together at home and at any time.

What you'll need: 

  • internet access
  • simple supplies around the house         

Physics Activities:

Visit the American Museum of Natural History's website. Click on Ology: A Science Website for Kids, then print out the Light Quest game or join the "Nobody's Perfect" story.

Virtual Field Trip: 

A Matter Mystery: Dark Matter - LIVE

Everything on Earth, and all of the planets, stars and intergalactic gases make up just a fraction—about 5 percent—of all the matter in the universe. So, where’s the rest? Dark energy makes up about 68 percent of the universe; the remaining 27 percent is dark matter. We call it dark matter simply because we don't know what it is and we can't see or touch it. 

In this science talk, Brian Malow and dark matter physicist Simon Fiorucci will discuss the global search for dark matter. 


Brian Malow Stand-Up Special: Just Add Gravity! - LIVE

After a full week of interviewing scientists about some of the largest mysteries in our universe, it's time for some laughs at our Neutrino Day finale! 

Science comedian Brian Malow will make you laugh and think as he wheels his comic vision from the Big Bang to dinosaurs to blades of grass. Weaving thoughts on unity and division, Pangea and dark energy, Malow brings the universe down to Earth.

Investigate the unseen - LIVE

Much like the scientists at Sanford Lab, we will be investigating and collecting indirect evidence in this activity. Our scientists use indirect evidence to learn about neutrinos and in their search for dark matter. Indirect evidence is essential when investigating something as tiny and hard to detect as a neutrino. Join Deb Wolf for some fun while you "Investigate the Unseen!"

What you'll need: 

Davis Campus Virtual Tour

When you walk into the Davis Campus at Sanford Underground Research Facility, it’s easy to forget you are nearly a mile underground. Bright lights, white walls, freshly ventilated air and modern technology surround you. The only difference between this lab space and a similar one on the surface? The lack of windows.

Dedicated in 2012, this world-class research facility hosts two leading physics experiments in neutrino and dark matter research. The experiments go deep underground to escape the constant bombardment of cosmic radiation.

Strawberry DNA Extraction

Every living thing contains DNA in its cells. DNA is a molecule that holds the recipe to make the proteins needed to build a living organism. You have DNA in each one of your cells and so do strawberries. Humans have two sets of DNA but strawberries have eight sets. Let’s see if we can pull the DNA out of a strawberry!

What you'll need for this activity: