S is for Science

Starbase of South Dakota offers a compilation of science activities families can do together at home and at any time.

What you'll need: 

  • internet access
  • simple supplies around the house         

Physics Activities:

Visit the American Museum of Natural History's website. Click on Ology: A Science Website for Kids, then print out the Light Quest game or join the "Nobody's Perfect" story.

Virtual Field Trip: 

Check out Explore.org and click on Livecams. NASA SPACE CAM is in real time and is fun to watch. Or, if you need a relaxing break? Click on ZEN CAMS and choose a sound that soothes you!

Physical Science Activities: 

Design and build a car that runs on energy—provided by a mousetrap! Learn how here.   

Using Newton’s Second Law, Gravity & Drag, design and build a parachute that will protect an egg! Learn now here.  

Using science knowledge and items around your house, make your own lava in a cup. Learn how here