A Matter Mystery: The Big Bang

It all started nearly 14 billion years ago when a singularity began expanding. Called the Big Bang, that tiny event would become a universe filled with planets and stars and intergalactic gases and comets and … well, a lot of other things. And it all happened in “a cosmic blink of an eye.”

“The Big Bang was a very small and very massive event. We don’t know exactly how it happened, or how we got here,” said Mark Hanhardt. “But the character of the universe likely was decided in the first few seconds.”

In their discussion, Brian Malow and astrophysicist Mark Hanhardt will walk through the very first seconds of the universe and the mysteries that still puzzle researchers today.

A Matter Mystery: Dark Matter from Sanford Lab on Vimeo.


Mark Hanhardt
Mark Hanhardt
Experiment Support Scientist at Sanford Underground Research Facility

Mark Hanhardt is an experiment support scientist at the Sanford Lab, a Ph.D. student at the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology and a part-time supervillain.