Science Steve

Toilet paper flies, balloons pop, children laugh and kids discover a fascination for science during scientific demonstrations by “Science" Steve Rokusek. A South Dakota Public Broadcasting education specialist, Rokusek makes science fun for audiences of all ages. He does it by using humorous demonstrations that bring to life the laws of physics, chemistry, anatomy and more.

Rokusek has been a mainstay during Sanford Lab's Neutrino Day celebrations. This year, even though he will be recording his demonstrations from his own backyard, marks his 12th year at Neutrino Day. 


Steven Rokusek
Steven Rokusek
South Dakota Public Broadcasting Education Specialist

Steven Rokusek loves science, something that is evident in every demonstration and performance as South Dakota’s beloved “Science Steve.” As a teacher, Rokusek enhanced his science classes with “hands-on labs and lively lectures” that included many demonstrations because he believed these were mo