Steven Rokusek

Steven Rokusek

South Dakota Public Broadcasting Education Specialist

Steven Rokusek loves science, something that is evident in every demonstration and performance as South Dakota’s beloved “Science Steve.” As a teacher, Rokusek enhanced his science classes with “hands-on labs and lively lectures” that included many demonstrations because he believed these were more beneficial to students than traditional lectures. After many years in the classroom, Rokusek took his passion to South Dakota Public Broadcasting (SDPB). As a SDPB education specialist, he develops resource materials, provides in-service training at schools and, of course, creates high-energy demonstrations.

His “alter ego” Science Steve came into existence more than 10 years ago, as the Sanford Lab prepared to host its first Neutrino Day.

Science Steve has presented at the annual Neutrino Day event since the beginning. Each year, he tries to develop 2-4 new demonstrations for the event. In the past, he has tested the new demos at Neutrino Day and, if the audience liked a demo, he would use it at future events. In turn, if the audience did not like the new demo, he would modify it to make it more engaging or drop it from the list of demos. This year, Science Steve will go through the process of making 2 new demos, from brainstorming an idea to building and testing it. One of the demos will demonstrate pressure and how air will flow from areas of high pressure to low pressure. The second demo will demonstrate pressure differences in airflow.   

Science Steve supporters include 3M and Avera Health. 
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