Black Hills Energy Electricity Safety

Black Hills Energy's power lines bring electricity to the communities, homes and businesses. While we rely on electricity, we sometimes underestimate its force. Knowing a few basic rules can keep you safe around electricity. This Neutrino Day, watch their engaging demonstration about electrical safety. 

Black Hills Energy is a Universal Sponsor of Neutrino Day.

Making space for a groundbreaking experiment

In this video, discover how Arup’s engineering team is participating in the collaborative design process for the expansion of the Sanford Underground Research Facility to make room for the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment, the far site detector for Fermilab's Long Baseline Neutrino Facility—a groundbreaking global effort to unravel the mysteries of neutrinos.

Native American Games

Celebrate our region's rich heritage by learning traditional Dakota and Ojibwe games with Jeremy Red Eagle, Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate. Jeremy will be sharing a variety of activities including Tahuka canhdeska (hoop and arrow), a game that the men would play to strengthen their hunting skills; Kansu kutepi (dice game), a game played mostly by women; takapsica (shinny), a game played by both men and women and where the modern game of hockey comes from; and some smaller, simple games, such as spinning tops, ring and pin, etc.


Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Want to put your wit to the test?

The Virtual Scavenger Hunt is a perfect opportunity to investigate these matter mysteries throughout the week. Each day will have its own downloadable worksheet that will challenge science investigators like you to explore answers to the mysteries of the universe... or at least the answers to the worksheets. 

Do I have to be a science wiz? 

Interview with Jeremy Red Eagle - LIVE

We’ll talk with Jeremy Red Eagle, Program Director for the Dakota Language Institute, with the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate, about the way traditional games and activities can help us better understand culture and language. During Neutrino Day, he plans to share these lessons through a variety of games, which can be found under Native American Games on the anytime activities tab. 


The math behind the hoists - LIVE

What’s the math that makes everything work in the hoist room? Did you know that the scientists who go underground are still depending on the mathematics that made the hoists work when they were first built in the 1930s? Join Nicol Reiner to wonder about and explore together the math that matters for the hoist room.

The science of DUNE

This 4-minute animation shows how the international Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment will help scientists understand how the universe works. DUNE will use a huge particle detector a mile underground to embark on a mission with three major science goals:

Investigate the unseen - LIVE

Much like the scientists at Sanford Lab, we will be investigating and collecting indirect evidence in this activity. Our scientists use indirect evidence to learn about neutrinos and in their search for dark matter. Indirect evidence is essential when investigating something as tiny and hard to detect as a neutrino. Join Deb Wolf for some fun while you "Investigate the Unseen!"

What you'll need: 

Shockingly Static Science - LIVE

Discover how shockingly fun static electricity can be with Becky Bundy! Participants will explore what it takes to create and hold an electrostatic charge, using a balloon and other household items, then investigate the mysteries of static electricity with their static generator.

What you'll need: 

Stella Brite and the Dark Matter Mystery - LIVE

Julie Dahl, science education specialist, will read the book, Stella Brite and the Dark Matter Mystery, then curious learners will have an opportunity to submit their questions about dark matter. The session will conclude with a brief "try this" activity that will challenge your skills of observation and communication.

To participate in the activity from home, you will need to round up some Dark Matter Detective supplies.

What you'll need: